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Meet Sonia

With over 12+ years of experience in therapeutic diets and nutrition, she is also a life time member of Indian Dietetics Association. She holds a Master’s degree in science specialising in Foods and Nutrition and have worked with leading institutions and organizations.

She keeps on updating information and knowledge. She does not believe in artificial methods, strict nutrition philosophies, supplements, pills, staying unrealistically approach or depriving yourself of the foods you love. Rather, she encourages and teaches making a connection between diet and good health.

She is keen and passionate to help you to achieve optimum health in a way that is sustainable.

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How Do We Work

We provide plans as per your medical history, lifestyle, likes, dislikes and allergies. Once you send us the form back, we give you a list of food so that you can procure your things well in advance. Once you get the things arrange, we start the plans. These are given via mails/WhatsApp as per your convenience, and mention when to check weight and update. If you take plans more than a month, we change the ingredients as per the body’s requirements and how well you’re adapting with the plans.

We target 2-3 kilos / month but all depends on your metabolism, how religiously you follow the plans and medical condition. This is as per WHO standard. We believe in ” sustaining your weight ” and not speeding up the weight.

What We Do

Weight Loss / Gain

We work on the basis of balanced healthy food and nutrition, and believe in creating a healthy lifestyle rather than promoting quick weight loss diets, pills or use of supplements. So do not expect quick results or magic weight loss. We do not work on the numbers, but on your overall health.


A therapeutic diet is a meal plan that controls the intake of certain foods or nutrients. It is part of the treatment of a medical condition and are normally prescribed by a physician and planned by us. A therapeutic diet is usually a modification of a regular diet. It is modified or tailored to fit the nutrition needs of a particular person.

Pre/Post Pregency

Are you pregnant and not sure what to eat, when to eat that’s good for you and your baby’s development? And also worried that you will gain too much weight? This diet plan service assists you throughout your pregnancy journey.

Body building

Building muscle without the intake of harmful steroids is not hard. All it requires is careful planning and aligning that to your goal. Together we define a goal that matches your expectations and our principles.


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"The Doctor of the futur will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but rather will cure and prevent disease with NUTRITION. " THOMAS EDISON

"To keep the body in good health is a duty, otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear" Buddha

"Enjoy losing weight. Enjoy eating healthy, delicious food. Do not wait until you reach your destination to feel good. Take as much happiness and joy as you can from your weight loss journey." Harry Papas